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Following are my previously published articles. Please click on a title to view that particular piece. (Since these were written over the course of the last several years, some of them will refer to events long past!) Click on the first link for an index of subjects rather than titles.

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Putting Too Much Faith in Faith

Truth, Justice, and the American Naysayers

God Unemployed

The Rough Road to Emmaus

Delight or De Slight?

Cat on a Hot Styrofoam Roof: The Illusion of Security

It Takes Conviction to Make Conviction

Raising the Dead

We Offend All

Is Compromise a Dirty Word?

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Hobbled by a Hobson's Choice?

Blasphemy or Bluster?

Speak of the Devil

The Plot of Your Life

Impressing God

The Ties That Bind

Thumbs Down on the Donald

Sudden Death Undertime

When Sparrows Fall

Of God and Generals

The Judas Factor

Contending with Conscience

A Steely Hope

Hogs Running Amuck

Status and the Status Quo

Starring in Your Own Story

Spoiled Rotten

Grapes and Grace

Self-Consciousness: Playing to Our Audience

Never Say Die: Depression and Suicide

Braking for the Sabbath

Here Is the Church

Relentless in Pursuit of The Good Life

Baptism and the Big Boat

Churches for Atheists?

Lessons from a Comatose Computer

The Mystery of Iniquity

Faking Bad

Trust: Skating on Thin Ice

The Prodigal's Rerun

Sloth or Slacking?

Right or Righteous?

The Way of the Cross

The Slave Trade

Aging Ungracefully

Our Gilt-Free Other Gods

A Higher Psychiatry?

Dogged about Dogma

Making Your Voice Heard

Hypocrisy Is a Killer

Whining Or Dining

Of Money and Meltdowns

What is Real Life--Really?

The Smell of Success

Worrying Ourselves Sick

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Great Expectations: Lessons from Loxley

The Nature of the Beast

Wings, Wind, and Wildfire: the Holy Spirit

A Rude Welcome: Notions on the Nativity

Defaulting to the Devil

What Did Jesus Do?

It Just Isn't Fair!

Gluttons for Punishment

Bringing Your Ego to Heel

Love is More than a Fuzzy Feeling

High Resolution: the Focused Life

Haven't Got a Prayer?

Seeing the Light: Miracle or Mirage?

Flights about Angels

Heaven Can't Wait

Working Out Salvation

Denial Is Not a River in Egypt

Hell to Pay

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Cheating on God

The Fiction of Equality

The Superstitions of Science

Getting the Joke

I Had a Feeling

Give Us Barabbas!

Signs and Wonders

Fate Has Nothing to Do With It

Full of Violence

Eating Humble Pie

What Was God Thinking?

What Are You Anyway?

Committing Monogamy

I Know What I Like

New Age or Old Evil

What Are We So Afraid Of?

Life Preservers: The Fight Against Euthanasia

Handling the Truth

Getting No Respect

Be Happy?

Not Such a Pretty Story

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

The Cult of Convenience

Olympic Effort

How Much Is Too Much?

On Love and War

Tepid Tolerance

Up From the Grave

Passions about Christ's Passion

Bad to the Bone: Original Sin

A Novel Idea: The Making and Unmaking of Man

Jesus Christ: The Stumbling Block